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Matching COVID-19 patients with plasma donors in 10 seconds

Fully automated platform.

Matching algorithm takes only 10 seconds.

Built-in privacy protection.

No personal info shared with anyone, ever.

What is Convalescent Plasma Therapy?

People who recover from COVID-19 develop antibodies against it and these antibodies have been shown to remain in their bloodstream even after they fully recover. In Convalescent Plasma Therapy (CPT), these antibodies are extracted from healthy people’s blood who have recovered from the virus and given to COVID patients in a critical condition whose immune system is unable to produce antibodies against the virus on its own.

What is the 10 second promise?

Our 10 second promise guarantees that every patient who registers on our website will be assigned a donor within 10 seconds (given that a donor is available) because we understand how stressful it can be to wait for a match while a loved one is in a critical condition.

I am concerned about my phone number being leaked to spammers.

Protecting the privacy of our users is one of our topmost priorities, which is why we do not share any personal information of our users with each other. Instead, we use a technique called call masking in which donors and patients are sent a phone number that they need to call after which our platform reroutes their call to the donor/patient that they are supposed to talk with. This process is like how when you book a cab using Uber, you do not get your driver’s phone number, instead Uber redirects your call to them.

If you're interested in how we implement call masking on the server side, you can take a look at the diagram below:

Diagram that shows how we implement call masking

I am concered about getting too many donation requests as a donor.

Our platform spread requests evenly amongst our users. After a donation is completed, our platform updates its records and takes the number of times someone has donated before into account before assigning a new request to them.

Don't worry, we promise to not send you an unreasonable number of requests!

I am concerned about being matched with someone who's located far away from me.

Our matching algorithm takes the locations of our users and donors into account and matches a patient with the closest available donor within a reasonable distance. If anything, our algorithm is probably much more sensitive to distance than it should be and if it can't find a match close to you, it will not even look at donors far away from you. So, you can be assured that if you were matched with someone, then they must be located fairly close to you.

How does the signup process work?

For Patients:

1. Just fill out a simple form to request a donor.

2. Our matching algorithm will match you to a suitable donor based on the info that you entered.

3. You’ll receive a SMS with information about your donor and how you can contact them

For Donors:

1. Just fill out a simple form to sign up as a donor and confirm that you’re eligible to donate plasma based on the criteria listed on our form.

2. If we find a patient that needs plasma, we’ll send you a SMS with information about them and how you can contact them.

3. You will also receive a link that you should visit after donating plasma so that we can keep track of donations.

4. If you’re unable to donate plasma, don’t worry, just visit the link mentioned above and we’ll match the patient assigned to you to another donor.

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